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Fully Automated Buy Box Repricing New Machine Learning Technology

What is a Repricer and why do you need it?

A Repricer is one of the most important tools you need as an Amazon Seller. It is a software-driven pricing management system that interfaces with the Amazon Seller platform – specifically, the Buy Box – your key to success as an Amazon Seller.

What is the Buy Box?

The Buy Box is a dynamic, competitive component of the Amazon Seller platform, where sellers change the prices of items for sale in real-time against other Amazon Sellers, in order the win the coveted Buy Box. This is achieved by making your product the lowest price of all sellers. The Buy Box system then puts your successfully priced product front and center on Amazon, making your product the very first to be presented when a customer searches Amazon for that product.

Why choose our Repricer?

It is all about technology. The speed, agility and anticipatory intelligence of the repricer determine how fast and accurately your prices can be changed to beat your competition – and with consideration of your bottom line.

Here are the advanced features of our Repricer that will put you ahead of your competition:

Product Manager

The Product Manager section provides you with

  • Complete SKU summary on one page
  • Buy Box Status
  • Current Price
  • Min/Max Price
  • Vendor/Additional Cost
  • Product Info
  • Inventory Shipped to FBA
  • Pricing History
  • Age of the product
  • Fees
  • Sales distribution data
  • Sales revenue history
  • Comprehensive Purchase Order System
    • List of existing PO’s against SKU
    • Easy new PO creation

ASIN Mismatch

ASIN mismatch page will show you all ASIN
mismatched products and allows you to easily update
products with a new ASIN.

FBA Flow

Having vital and dynamic business information at your fingertips is a major factor in being able to successfully run an Amazon store. Our development strategy was to produce a set of tools to inform at-a-glance of the key metrics and sales data you need - all on one page.
These include:

Revenue for last 30 days by individual day

  • Revenue with brands selection
  • Inventory in stock
  • Total value
  • 4 week’s revenue
  • Last 4 week revenue by each week
  • Last 4 weeks gross margin
  • Last 4 weeks adjust gross margin
  • Simple sales breakdown by brand
  • SKU/Style – See data by applying filters such as:
    availability, price and repricing status
  • Export specific brands

Inventory Value Report

Your Inventory Value Report provides you with a report of your
total inventory value – including how much money is invested in
FBA inventory (items available for sales), Inventory in reserve,
in-transit, and purchase orders. Breakdown by brand level and
SKU level.

Aged Inventory Report

Your Aged Inventory Report separates your inventory by: age, brand, export selected data according to age or age group - or as filtered, inventory on hand, its value for all age groups, by percent of age per ages and brands and for lowering prices easily for old inventory to avoid long-term storage fees.

Settlement Report

Your Settlement Report includes: SKU level profitability, deposit, and brand information. Know your accurate profit numbers, which includes: settlement profit (including returns), all FBA fees simple breakdown and brand level/SKU level profit breakdown. Export your Settlement Report and see the history of all settlements generated right from the creation of your account.

FBA Purchase Order

In the FBA Purchase Order section, generate and customize new orders and replenishment orders, keep careful track of every dollar invested in FBA inventory, set vendor in store, add products to Purchase Order, receive/finalize order from Vendor, create shipment(s) and Ship to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Support Ticket

We are committed to supporting your positive user experience and our Amazon Seller user community with our ZenDesk support system. Simply submit your query / request from any page, at any time – and we will help you with your request.

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